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Audit & Risk Committee (ARC)


We strive to 
develop well 

rounded individuals 

who are respectful, 

curious and 


The main purpose of the ARC is to:

The Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) is a committee of the main LT2 Trust Board. The main purpose of the ARC is to: 

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  • Review the annual budget and recommendations from the executive team and make recommendations to the board

  • Review internal and external financial statements and reports to ensure they reflect best practice

  • Review internal and external operational reports e.g. HR, H&S, GDPR to ensure they are monitoring risks effectively and reflect best practice

  • Consider and scrutinise termly safeguarding reports from schools

  • Consider all relevant reports by the Trust Financial Officer or the external auditor

  • Review the effectiveness of the Trust’s internal control system and Value for Money framework

  • Review the Trust’s risk register and risk management systems and make recommendation for action to the Board

  • Act as pay committee including reviewing headteacher recommendation and rationale for pay progression for school level staff and to consider the affordability of headteacher pay progression recommendations

The ARC is chaired by Gary Brown. The CEO, CFO, Head of HR and headteachers (when required) report directly to the committee.

The ARC operates within the LT2 Scheme of Delegated Authority.

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