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Since then, trustees have met on a regular basis to approve amendments to the Risk Assessments as the pandemic has progressed and the guidance has changed, including the approval of Remote Learning Policies and Testing arrangements. Currently both schools are fully open and operating safety measures in line with government guidance.

Trustees met on Tuesday 1st September 2020 to approve the risk assessments for reopening Rugby Free Primary School (RFPS) and Rugby Free Secondary School (RFSS) for all students after the Spring lockdown. 

Update 03.02.21

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The Executive Team  meet every two to  three weeks to assess  risk assessments. 


The Executive Team meet every two to three weeks (or as necessary) to monitor the risk assessments and analyse data on attendance, safeguarding, remote learning offer, testing and staff/student well-being.

Please see the risk assessments below:

RFSS Opening Risk Assessment - September 2021

RFSS Risk Assessment Appendix – Mass Testing (Written 7th January 2021)

RFPS Opening Risk Assessment - September 2021

Please see the RFSS & RFPS websites for more information including Remote Learning Policies:

RFSS Website: COVID-19 

RFPS Website: COVID-19

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