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LT2 Trust Board

  • The development of Trust policy in accordance with statutory regulations and the Funding Agreements

  • Effective governance and leadership structures and the performance management of senior executive leaders

The LT2 Trust Board[GL1]  is the decision making body of the trust and sets the vision, mission and strategic direction for the trust through:

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The LT2 Trust Board  delegates the day-to-day  operation of the Trust to  the CEO. 


The board hold leadership at all levels to account for the educational performance of the schools, student outcomes and the performance management of all staff. Trustees oversee the financial performance of the schools and trust in accordance with trust policy and the Academy Financial Handbook ensuring that money is well spent.

The LT2 Trust Board meets six times a year and there are two standing trust committees that scrutinise Audit & Risk and Performance & Standards. These committees meet once per term or more frequently if necessary.

The LT2 Trust Board delegates the day-to-day operation of the Trust to the CEO.

The LT2 Scheme of Delegation explains the ways in which the trustees fulfil their responsibilities for the leadership and management of the Academies, the respective roles and responsibilities of the Trustees, members of the local governing body/sustainable improvement board and senior leadership in ensuring the success of Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow. The current scheme of delegation can be found here.

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