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The first members are the first signatories to the memorandum of association when a Trust is first established. They agree the Trust’s first articles of association which includes the trust’s charitable purpose.

Academy Trusts are founded by members who may then appoint additional members to joining them. 

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LT2 members play a  restricted but crucial  role in safeguarding  trust governance. 


The LT2 Members play a restricted but crucial role in safeguarding trust governance and a general duty to further the Trust’s charitable objective. They sit independently of the LT2 Trust Board and unless separately appointed as trustees, they do not assume the role of the LT2 Trustees becoming involved in the day-to-day business of the trust. LT2 has five members, two of whom are also trustees. LT2 Members use their powers to step in if governance is failing. The members fully acknowledge the role and responsibility of the Trust Board in ensuring the highest quality standards in its schools and the tireless focus on outstanding education for their students. Members are not employees of the Trust.

The current Members of LT2 are:

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Stephen Geoffrey Howes

Stephen is an engineer and businessman operating in the technology sector, with a passionate belief that a high quality of education is the foundation on which a fulfilling life is built. Stephen oversees diversity of provision and inclusivity in approach being the twin strands which together will ensure that, whatever talents a student has are recognised and nurtured, to allow that individual to succeed in whatever way best suits them.


Having returned from working overseas in 2018, Stephen has been a member of LT2, appointed by Academy members from 7th May 2020. He is keen to play a role in shaping the development of the Trust, in line with the principles set out above.

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David Paul Noble

David is an expert in data analysis for the Trust, he has been a member of LT2, appointed by Academy members from 7th September 2018 and brings extensive Early Years and community liaison experience.

David has experience in working with over 20 free schools where he has helped organise community engagement and demand gathering and managed consultation during the pre-opening phase


Bernard Abrams

Bernard has been a Member of LT2, appointed by Academy members from 20th November 2015. Bernard has background in education and school improvement.

Bernard is an experienced education specialist and ex Ofsted inspector who has a track record of facilitating initiatives where educational specialists and non-specialists need to work together to plan and initiate change. He has reviewed a significant number of free school applications for Trustees and is fully familiar with the process for establishing free schools.

DJohnson vWebsite.png

David Johnson

During a long career in business, David has delivered new school facilities under a variety of programmes. David has been a member of LT2, appointed by Academy members from 7th May 2014. He has advised on the establishment and governance arrangements of a new multi-academy trust. David is an expert in project delivery and contract management, and in delivering value for money schemes in the public sector.

David is a father of three children and is passionate about education and is an advocate of increasing parental choice in high-quality education provision.

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