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Performance and Standards Committee (PSC)


We strive to 
develop well 

rounded individuals 

who are respectful, 

curious and 


The main purpose of the PSC is to monitor and advise the LT2 Trust Board on the following areas by feedback report:

The Performance and Standards Committee (PSC) is a committee of the main LT2 Trust Board.

Main copy
  • Quality of Education

  • Behaviour and Attitudes​

  • Self-evaluation and improvement planning​

  • Data on progress and attainment for all of the trust’s schools  

  • Overall performance of each of the schools 

  • Leadership Performance and Standards  

  • Intervention strategies and plans 

  • Special Educational Needs (SEND) and inclusion 

  • Partnership working 

  • Admissions 

  • Safeguarding arrangements 

  • Community engagement 

  • Local governance effectiveness 

The PSC is chaired by Krissi Carter and the chairs of both the local governance bodies, the Sustainable Improvement Board at RFSS and Local Governing Board at RFPS sit on the committee. The headteachers report directly to this committee.

The PSC operates within the LT2 Scheme of Delegated Authority.

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