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Standards and Educational Excellence Committee (SEEC)

The SEEC is a committee of the main LT2 Trust Board. The SEEC oversees day-to-day school improvement and promotes high standards of educational achievement whilst ensuring the safeguarding of all children and young people who attend the school.

The Standards and Educational Excellence Committee (SEEC) was appointed by the LT2 Trust Board and took effect from September 2021.

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The SEEC's main  function is to secure  a sound basis for  current and future  improvement. 


There is a separate Parent/Carer Advisory Board (PCAB) to focus on communication between the school and the parent/carer body and for consultation on key areas of operation of the school.

Standards and Educational Excellence Committee Members

Mrs Kathryn Wright (Chair) Headteacher of Whitley Academy

Mrs Brenda Mullen CEO of Learning Today Leading Tomorrow

Miss Rebecca Butters Headteacher of Rugby Free Primary School

Ms Paula Crick Health & Safety

Mrs Jo Mann Chair of the Parent / Carer Advisory Board

Please click here to view the Standards and Educational Excellence Board Register of Interests.


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